rebozo is a long, flat, tightly woven traditional Mexican garment. It can be used to carry babies, but is also very useful for pregnant women, and during labour.

rebozo1      rebozo2     rebozo3

Rebozo-sifting, -jiggling or -wrapping can

  • help you relax in between surges (to some women it feels like they are being swaddled, and gently hugged)
  • relax tight ligaments during pregnancy and in labour
  • help rotate baby’s body into an optimal position
  • provide back-pain relief
  • help realign the pelvis in a way that helps your baby move further down
  • protect the mom’s abdominal muscles after the delivery

Here is an example of how a rebozo can be used during labour

When used by a support person or doula the rebozo becomes a multifunctional tool to assist the labouring woman in relaxation and positioning. Please contact me with any questions you may have about the use of a rebozo. Even if I am not hired to be your doula, I am always happy to come to your home to teach you the techniques with your rebozo. This is truly one of the greatest tools for a more comfortable and enjoyable delivery.

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